Amazon Marketing Services -3 PPC Campaign Types To Sell More Products

Amazon Marketing Services: 3 PPC Campaign Types To Sell More


If you are selling products on Amazon Marketplace, you can increase sales using sponsored ads available through Amazon Marketing Services.

Amazon has millions of satisfied and loyal customers across the globe. Amazon Marketing Services help you to reach the shoppers on Amazon, and also those who might be interested in your products based on the keywords they search and their interest.

In this article, I’m going to cover about different PPC campaign types (which means you only pay when shoppers click your ad) available on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and how to use them to drive sales.

Different Amazon Ad Campaign Types

Amazon provides 3 different ad campaigns through vendor portal and seller dashboard.

  1. Headline Search Ads (HSA)
  2. Product Display Ad(PDA)
  3. Sponsored Products Ad

1. Headline Search Ads (HSA)

Headline search ad appears on top of the search result page and the ad appears based on the keyword you bid for. If you are familiar with Google Adwords, this campaign is more like Google Search Network Campaign type.

You can use any page with your products/Custom URL(displaying specific products)/Amazon brand page as a landing page where you can showcase the featured products. These type of ad appears both on the mobile site, mobile app and desktop version of Amazon.

Here is an example of Headline search ad by Jabra Brand for the keyword “wireless bluetooth headphone”.

You can either choose default Amazon template with minimum 3 products & headline text on the ad or you can use your own custom graphic.

PS: Default Amazon template’s Click Through Rate (CTR) beats custom graphic CTR, because of its native design.

Get the ad running by adding the relevant keywords to show up your ad, budget, and bid. Tools like SEOStack shows the most used search terms in Amazon particular products or category. You can use any one of the following keyword match types for bidding: Exact Match and Phrase Match.

2. Product Display Ad (PDA)

Product Display Ad campaign is to drive traffic and increase sales of a particular product. This sponsored display ad appears on the product details page below the Add to Cart button/Amazon home page.

Here is an example of Product Display Ad (PDA). Check out how Bluestar tries to steal customers from Voltas by showing their Bluestar’s competitive product on Voltas AC product page.

You can show the ad based on two types of targeting:

  1. Product Targeting

Product targeting helps you to target specific product pages on Amazon and you can narrow down the targeting based on the product type. You need to manually choose on which product page your ad should appear. Ideally, you can target related products/competitor’s products for better conversion.

  1. Interest Targeting

You can broaden the audience reach by choosing interest targeting. You can target shoppers those have a particular interest.

Amazon has already grouped the shopper’s based on their shopping behavior on Amazon. If you are promoting fiction book, you can target customer’s those have an interest in the fiction books.

You can simply choose the product that you want to promote and put a headline on those ads on Amazon template/use a custom graphic.

3. Sponsored Products Ad

Both the above mentioned campaign types are available through Vendor portal for brands. But, Sponsored Product Ad campaigns are available in Seller Central Dashboard.

Sponsored products ads help you promote particular product listing based the keyword shoppers searching for. This ad appears as part of the search results above or at the bottom of the search results. Once shoppers click on the ad, they will be directed to the product detail page.


You can choose two types of targeting:

1. Automatic Targeting

This type of targeting is good if you are just starting off with AMS ads. But you don’t have control over where the ad appears.

If you choose this targeting type, Amazon shows the ad for the keywords related to the product and based the information given in the product information. Apart from search results, Amazon will also show the ad as related products in product suggestions.

2. Manual Targeting

Manual targeting helps you choose the keywords for which your has to appear. It works like Headline search ad but the ad is shown as part of the search results. You can choose keyword match type and bid for individual keywords. Negative keywords help you to exclude some keywords for which you don’t want to the ad to appear.

AMS Campaign Reports

AMS provides detailed reports on campaign’s performance. The report includes the following metrics.

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click Through Rate(CTR)
  • Average CPC (ACPC)
  • Estimated Total Sales
  • Spend
  • Advertising Cost Of Sale (ACoS)
  • Units Sold
  • Detail Page Views(DPV)
  • Add to Cart(ATC)

Promotional Credits

You can avail free promotional credits from Amazon to start off with Amazon marketing activities but the varies across the markets. For India, it’s INR 2,000 and $100 for Amazon US.

Over to You

Now go and set up campaigns with free promotional credits. If you have any questions & difficulties, post it in the comments section below.

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