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Thank you for showing an interest to know me better. I am Bharathidasan Moorthi from Bangalore. I am in the digital marketing industry for more than 3 years. I have developed a background in all aspects of digital marketing.



I am a software engineer by degree and a marketer by passion. I have completed my MBA in BSMED(Bharathiar School of Management and Entrepreneurship Development). I am more interested data driven marketing and making data to work for business.


I  started learning digital marketing for my venture MyeCampuz but was forced to shut it down due to various reasons. Then I chose to join as Digital Marketing Strategist at AuGrav. As a one person marketing team in AuGrav (An online jewellery store), we tested a lot of different things that eventually resulted in good sales and conversion rate. I was responsible for executing integrated digital marketing channel to drive targeted traffic. In a span of 2 years time I spent there, I managed to turn that business profitable with a shoestring budget.


After that, I joined Singapore-based Startup, ZingoHub where I was responsible for the overall digital marketing activity. Our targets were Southeast Asian countries like  India, Singapore, Indonesia and also the Middle East.


I was instrumental in executing different strategies starting from product launches to creating awareness to finally making sales. I have created a plethora of outstanding content for different levels in the funnel and used that content to the advantage of bringing in more business.

As a part of my responsibilities at ZingoHub, I am also taking care all of the digital advertisements like Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Display Ads, and SEO.


I have been holding workshops to provide hands-on experience in digital marketing and also giving talks about the insights that I have in this field. One such event was the Digital Marketing Workshop at IISC, Bangalore where I was provided an opportunity to conduct a session on Google Analytics, headed by Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju, Founder of DigitalDeepak.com.


Besides this, I have lent support to many brands and small business to leverage digital media to make sales. As of now, my focus lies in data-driven marketing and helping businesses to decipher the data from Google Analytics and providing actionable insights from that data.

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