Google Adwords Extensions: Increase Campaign’s CTR by 10% Instantly


Google Adwords Search ad campaign is the perfect channel if you want to evaluate any product or drive targeted traffic with the minimum budget.

Google uses the quality score to determine which ad to show for a particular search query and ad’s position. Click Through Rate (CTR) is one of the major components in calculating the quality score of an ad.

Click Through Rate = Number of times ad shown / Number of clicks.

Having a high click through rate has two advantages: you can drive more traffic with less Cost Per Click.

In this post, You can learn how to improve CTR of an AdWords search campaign in 10 minutes using one of the less used AdWords features.

Read on.

Have you seen some of your competitor’s ad on Google for the keyword you target, and it shows more information about their product and services? Do you know how your competitor is able to make this happen?

They use Google Adwords Extensions to show more relevant information with the text ad. Adwords has different extension types; you can choose the best extensions for your ad based on your campaign goal.

Do you know how much AdWords extensions costs? It is FREE!

You need not pay extra to show these extensions, but actual CPC (Cost per Click) for your ad.

You can improve CTR (Click Through Rate) of AdWords search campaigns up to 10% to 20% using one or combination of the following AdWords extensions.

I have explained each extension and how and when to use it based on your marketing goals.

1. Site links Extensions

Site links extension is helpful to show deep links from the site, and those that may be relevant to your user’s search query. You can use these links to show the different variety of services you provide.

For example, if you target the keyword  “Men’s Clothing”, you can show the relevant links such as Men’s Shirts, Men’s Trousers, Men’s T-shirts, Men’s hoodies.

Google will show up to 6 links for the desktop and tablet users and only four links for mobile users. You have the option to set up different links for both mobile and desktop.

Site link extensions - Adwords Extenstions

2. Location Extensions

Location Extension will be more useful if you own physical store. Once you enable this, searchers will see your store’s address and mobile number under your ad.

Still, 80% of the shopping happens through offline and targeting people near your location with this AdWords extension will increase your sales.

Location Extensions -Adwords Extenstions

3. Call Extensions

Most customers want to speak with real people before they end up buying something and talking with a human behind any service will boost their confidence. Using call extension, you can show call button to encourage people to call you.

Call extension will be the best extension for your business if you provide service or product which can be ordered through mobile.

For example, if you are targeting “birthday cakes shop” in your area and you show call extension and encourage people to call you and place the order. You can avail advanced call reporting by using forwarding number feature in your ad ( But this option is available only in the US and UK).

Call extensions - Adwords Extenstions

Even if you don’t have your website, you can create call only campaign which will appear only on the devices that have a call-making facility.

For example, you can create an ad to target “Plumber in Coimbatore” in call only campaign. And, anyone who needs plumber service will call you right away.

4. App Extensions

If you have built an awesome app for your services and you want people to download your app, then this extension, that appears only on mobile and tablet, will help you to do so.

You can direct your users to either Play Store or App Store based on the OS they use.

App extensions -Adwords Extenstions

5. Review Extensions

According to MarketingLand study, 90% people accept that online reviews influenced their shopping behavior.

Showing what some influential website or source say about your product/company, increases the chances of a user clicking the ad. Also, customers will gain more confidence to choose your product over others.

Make sure you follow all the guidelines while adding review extensions to your ad.

6. Callout Extensions

One of the biggest issue we face in Adwords text ad is character limit (you have only 70 characters to describe your business). You can overcome this problem using this extension.

Use Callout extension to provide detailed information about your offering. Also, you can mention unique services like Free Shipping, Customer service, etc.

The more details you provide in the ad, the more clicks you will get, and therefore, can attract more visitors. Though the minimum number of callous you must have is two, you can create as many call outs as you want. Also, you have the option to choose on which device this extension should appear.

Call out extensions - Adwords Extenstions

7. Price Extensions

Google Adwords recently introduce Price extension option. Using this extension, you can showcase a different range of product or services and pricing with the text ads.



This type of AdWords extension will be shown only in mobile ads. Before adding price extension to your ad make sure your website is mobile friendly.

You can setup this extension at Adwords account level or campaign level or ad group level.

Assume you are running a training institute which provides different courses like Java, Mainframe. You can list these courses with its cost when people search courses with general keywords.

If people search a particular keyword, then you can also showcase different price extensions.

For example, when people search for Java course you can provide for different versions of Java like J2EE, Advanced Java or JDE with their pricing.

Automatic Adwords Extensions

All the above extensions are manual. Google also provides some automatic extension. Google decides when to show these extensions based on some criteria.

  • Seller rating extensions.
  • Social extensions.
  • Previous visit extensions.
  • Consumer rating extensions (in some industries and geographies).
  • Dynamic structured snippet extensions ( You can setup what to show as a structured snippet, but you can’t control when to show it). You choose the best choice for your business from different options.


Over to you:

Choose the Adwords extensions based on your goal and business. Consider two or three extension for your business which gives useful information to the searcher and enables them to take the desired action.

Which of the above extensions you are going to use or already using for your search campaign?. Let me know the results in the comment.

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